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Kiki and Phoenix

Mama Kiki has quite the story. Tabby Nation Cat Rescue took her in after she was found pregnant out in the elements in a San Diego parking lot. However, her pregnancy was not easy

and she ended up requiring an emergency C-Section. We lost all but one baby, who we decided to name Phoenix. Kiki was confused and did not understand that Phoenix was her baby so the rescue decided it would be best to transfer Phoenix to another rescue that has a nursing surrogate mom.

Phoenix has required some intensive care at her new rescue, but is hanging in there. She's being bottle fed every few hours because she hasn't quite got the hang of nursing on her new mom yet. She has an adoptive brother who is a few weeks older and is OBSESSED with her. He watches her as she eats, cleans her and cuddles with her. He even sometimes tries to play with her, but she is too little to play back yet. I know they will be the best of friends as she grows.

Now for the good news!

Kiki is recovering great and has turned into the sweetest, most cuddly cat. She loves to get belly rubs and give kisses. She was placed for adoption on Friday and has become quite popular. She has several people interested in giving her a forever home, so hopefully you'll be hearing an adoption announcement soon! Good job Kiki!

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