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Our Mega-Flock is Looking for Homes!

I first laid eyes on this litter back in May of this year. Another organization in Orange County was pleading for help with a litter of two co-parenting moms and their TEN kittens who had been dumped in a Kirkland produce box at a feral cat colony site in a high traffic coyote area. They were sitting ducks, and time could not be wasted in their rescue.

Now, call me crazy, but I have a fostering "bucket list" that heavily relies on how much funding I have. One of the assignments on that list is a pair of co-parenting moms. It just so happens that we received a generous donation from one of the previous litter's adopters so without hesitation we stepped up for this adorable mismatched crew.

Co-parenting happens when two queens (mama cats) give birth close together in time and physical proximity so all the happy bonding mommy and baby hormones also bond the moms together too. The mom's in this litter we decided to name Chickadee and Dove. Together, they cared for 3 separate ages of kittens. We named the kittens Falcon, Woodpecker, Puffin, Duckling, Kiwi, Raven, Kookaburra, Starling, Titmouse and Quetzal.

Both moms and babies went from scrawny, diarrhea monsters to beautiful, loving (and a bit sassy) companions. However, an issue reared it's ugly head. A summer adoption slump.

With people traveling for the first time in earnest since the whole stupid pandemic hit (plus everyone having adopted their quarantine animals in the previous years) adoptions have been at an all time low.. for everyone. Slowly, with herculean effort, animal shuffling and rescue partnerships, we have managed to get Falcon, Woodpecker, Puffin, Duckling and Kiwi homes. However, there are still 5 gorgeous babies and one beautiful mama who are waiting rather impatiently for a home.

Chickadee is as sweet as they come and a true loyal and loving companion. A poster child for how nurturing mama cats can be.

Raven is our sassy, spunky goth child who secretly loves all things pink and sparkly. She's got that perfect emo bang swoop to go with her stellar personality.

Kookaburra is the princess of naps and conqueror of extra soft blankies and beds. She would make the best couch potato for whoever preferred to spend free time being lazy, comfortable and catching up on the latest TV shows.

Starling (our little darling) is brave, bold and thirsts for adventure. You'll catch her checking out any possible new item in her enclosure with the confidence of a full grown lion.

Titmouse is our odd little alien who's not sure what planet she's on, but is here for a good time with the humans. Her laser beam doesn't go all the way up to the mothership, if you catch my drift (she has a bit of the dumb, but we love her for it).

Quetzal (ket-ZAHL) is our gorgeous baby thunderbird who likes to look down at the peasantry from high above. She takes great pride in making sure her fur is glistening and her purr rumbles like thunder.

All these babies are so deserving so if you or someone you know feels a place in there heart and home is open, please email

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