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Educational Opportunities

Classroom Cat Sponsorship Program

This program is best suited for the elementary level classroom. A cat educator will come to your physical or virtual classroom to teach about cat rescue and set your class up with their own personal "foster" cat to follow while the cat is waiting to be adopted.

The Cat Sponsorship Program includes:

 -Story Time reading Kitten Lady's Big Book of Little Kittens by 

   Hannah Shaw

 -Q&A With a cat rescue expert

 -Virtually "meeting" the foster cat assigned to your class

 -Interactive Animal Enrichment Toy Activity

 -3 lesson plans/activities incorporating common core standards     

  appropriate to your class grade level

You will receive updates on your class foster with photos or videos twice a week (Monday and Friday) as well as a celebration goodie bag to celebrate when they get adopted. Your class is always welcome to brainstorm fundraising activities and donation drives to participate in as a class to support their foster cat.



Careers in Animal Care Program

This program is best suited for high school classrooms whose focus is career readiness and providing opportunities to explore a trade for students who may find attending college a challenge because of academic struggles due to learning disabilities. 

The Careers in Animal Care Program includes:

 -45 minute lecture on employment opportunities in animal care

 -Q&A With Someone Working In Animal Care

 -Pamphlet of local volunteer opportunities to help build a

   strong resume

 -List of local trade programs to get certified in animal care

This is a one-time lecture but contact information will be given for students to be able to ask follow up questions.



Specialized Programs

Tabby Nation Cat Rescue is also able to tailor education experiences to fit a variety of needs.


Some of these include:

 -Earning badges for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts

 -Community service projects for youth groups

 -Animal Education Birthday Parties for the young animal lover

 -Education sessions on Fostering for small or large groups 


Any other education opportunity you can think of we can build a program, lesson or seminar to fulfill it.  


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