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  • Gaby Waldorf

New Rescue: Mama Jenova and Her Final Fantasies

Early this week Tabby Nation received a request to take in a beautiful silver mama and her babies. She was one of many rescues who needed placement out of a temporary foster situation in Calexico, CA. Me and my husband will be taking the hour trek to the outskirts of Alpine to meet the networker bringing these babies out. We will also be picking up several other litters to bring back to local rescues in the San Diego area.

Getting animals out of areas with few resources and a large stray population is one of the best ways to support these communities, as well as eventually providing the resources needed to help these areas become sustainable in caring for their stray, feral and rescue animal populations. For now, since Tabby Nation Cat Rescue is so small, we try to open our doors to these vulnerable populations when we have the means to. Community support is top on our list as we are able to grow.

When it comes to this gorgeous silver mama, my husband won our last rescue related bet so he gets to name the litter. He decided on characters from Final Fantasy VII, a video game he enjoyed playing as a kid. He decided that the mom would be named Jenova after the mother-goddess figure in the game. Jenova has five beautiful 2-week-old kittens. We don't know about the mix of males and females yet, so names will be decided when they arrive. So far everyone is doing really well.. they just need a safe place to grow up big and strong so they can be adopted. They should be ready to go to their forever homes around Memorial Day. Welcome to the new rescues and I look forward to updating you on Mama Jenova and her Final Fantasies.

To donate to Mama Jenova and her Final Fantasies please click here.

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