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New Fosters: Serendipity and the Kittens of Fortune

Welcome to our newest fosters, Mama Serendipity and her Kittens of Fortune! This crew came from a food truck parking lot just north of Los Angeles. Her caretakers noticed she was pregnant again and due to the lack of available low cost spay appointments, they decided to find a rescue for her so this would be her last litter.

We can't get over the cute fluffer nuggets this mama made! There are 3 girls and one boy in this litter and trust me when I say these babies are BIG! At just over 2 weeks old the biggest is almost a pound! In any case we're glad they're here and thriving so let me introduce them:

Kismet Juju

Luck Karma

Welcome to Tabby Nation Mama and Babies! We can't wait to see you grow up!

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